Girl Paddler Profile: Julz (Australia)

Welcome to our series of profiles on our Girl Paddlers community!
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Let’s get to know them, in their own words…  

Meet Girl Paddler – Julz, from Australia! 

GP: Hi Julz! Please tell us about yourself.

Julz: My name is Julianne, but everyone calls me Julz. I am 50 plus GST (editor: for non-Aussies, GST = Goods & Services Tax = 10%) and live in a bayside suburb of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia.

I started paddling seriously about five years ago, and I have not looked back.

I love to SUP. That’s my fav, and lucky for me, where I live, there are so many places to paddle.

GP: What inspired you to start paddling, and how long have you been paddling?

Julz: I love nature, and I love the ocean, and I wanted to find a hobby that allowed me to be on the water all of the time. I also wanted something that was exercise but did not feel like it.

Stand-up paddling was something I knew I would love to do, and allowed me to do it on my own and with others. I also started seeing loads of pics from exotic locations, and every pic had a paddle boarder in it, and I wanted to be just like them – paddling in exotic locations.

GP: Can you share some of your favorite paddling spots or routes and why you enjoy them?

Julz: I could talk all day about locations, but my favorites are in my backyard. We have a fabulous paddle to a little island called Coochie Mudlo. It’s a great place to paddle, have a coffee, have a swim, sit on the beach, and then paddle back. We always see dolphins and turtles and even dugongs which is so special. Sunrise paddles are the best.

(For non-Aussies, Manatees and dugongs are related to each other, and while they are very similar in appearance and behavior, there is one key difference – their tails. Manatees have paddle-shaped tails, and dugongs have fluked tails, giving them a whale-like appearance.)

GP: How do you typically plan your paddling trips, and what essentials do you always bring with you?

Julz: I always look at wind and tides first and look at multiple locations, so I have a few plan b’s.

I always take sunscreen, lip balm, mossie spray, water, and of course, my go-pro.

GP: What benefits have you experienced from paddling, both physically and mentally?

Julz: So many mental and physical health benefits and friendships locally and internationally. It’s a great sport and hobby to do for women and is something we can all do well into our older age years.

GP: How has paddling influenced your relationship with nature, and what do you appreciate most about being out on the water?

Julz: I love nature even more and now have a volunteering gig in my local area. I am very passionate about protecting nature.

GP: What advice would you give to someone who is new to paddling and looking to get started?

Julz: Get to know how to plan a paddle with the winds and tides. Have a paddle plan and paddle with loads of different people to learn and share.

GP: Can you describe a particularly memorable or meaningful experience you’ve had while paddling?

Julz: I think paddling with a dugong and dolphin for the first time. Dugong are very elusive, so to be able to see them in the wild is a fantastic experience.

GP: How has your approach to paddling changed over time, and what have you learned from your experiences?

Julz: I get much better at planning now, and I am way more organised than I used to be. I also feel way more confident on the water, and I am not afraid of falling in.

GP: Can you share any upcoming paddling adventures or goals you have in mind and what you are most looking forward to about them?*

Julz: We are currently planning more sup adventures overnight; we are about two weeks off doing a SUP and camp adventure. I feel from there – we will do a lot more.

Maybe ask me this question after we have done our first adventure.

As well as this, we have a goal to paddle through the rainforest in the Daintree in 2024. Watch this space…

GP: Is there anything else you’d like to share? Maybe let us know what you think is missing in the world of paddling for women. What are some of the challenges you have in your paddling journey? 

Julz: I truly believe we need to share that women of every age can paddle, and you do not need to have a perfect body. All you need is a desire to have fun and be out on the water. I would love to see more stylish bright clothes to wear when paddling for women and more spotlight on Australian Paddlers. I struggled and still do to find women in this sport in Australia.

(Editor note: stay tuned for the launch of our regional groups in the next month or so! Our goal is to bring our online community together offline for paddle-ups! Stay tuned in our Facebook Group for announcements!)

GP: Thank you, Julez! We appreciate you sharing your story with us and for supporting Girl Paddlers in Australia!

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