Girl Paddler Profile: Kristi Hallock (US)

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Meet Girl Paddler – Kristi Hallock from the US! 

GP: Hi Kristi! Please tell us about yourself.

Kristi: My name is Kristi Hallock I am from Fargo, ND. I have been paddle boarding for over 6-7 years. I paddle board in Minnesota and North Dakota. I also do paddle board yoga.

GP: What inspired you to start paddling, and how long have you been paddling?

Kristi: I saw a board at a friends lake and was hooked! My first board was a plastic one from Menards. It weighed 40 pounds and I would strap it on the top of my car. I was not very good at that and now have a blow up board. My board is from Paddle North a great company from Minnesota.

GP: Can you share some of your favorite paddling spots or routes, and why you enjoy them?

Kristi: I love to paddle early in the morning it is calm and quiet. I paddle on different lakes in Minnesota. I have done a few river paddles and those are fun,too.

GP: How do you typically plan your paddling trips, and what essentials do you always bring with you?

Kristi: I have lots of friends and family with lake places and I visit them. I always have my life jacket, leash for my board and I have a plastic water proof box to keep my keys and phone in.

GP: What benefits have you experienced from paddling, both physically and mentally?

Kristi: There is such a sense of calm and peace that over takes a person when you are out on the water. I take paddle board yoga classes and I have met great people along the way. I miss it so much in the winter.

GP: How has paddling influenced your relationship with nature, and what do you appreciate most about being out on the water?

Kristi: I appreciate how things can coexist and both find enjoyment with the outside. The water is so soothing to the mind and body.

GP: What advice would you give to someone who is new to paddling and looking to get started?

Kristi: Go for it!!! I had no one to paddle with and I just went for it. Lots of people say I wish I could do that you can!! Both of my parents paddled last summer. They are 78 and 79. I started paddling right before my 50th birthday!

GP: Can you describe a particularly memorable or meaningful experience you’ve had while paddling?

Kristi: My paddle board yoga teacher does a full moon class during the summer. We spend about 2 hours on the lake in the dark. It is amazing!

GP: How has your approach to paddling changed over time, and what have you learned from your experiences?

Kristi: I am more confident with my ability to know when I should be standing or kneeling depending waves.

GP: Can you share any upcoming paddling adventures or goals you have in mind, and what you are most looking forward to about them?

Kristi: I will participate in my 5th mini triathlon which includes paddling 2 miles, biking 12 miles and running 3 miles this August. I also have been working on doing a headstand and I want to do that on my paddle board.

GP: Is there anything else you’d like to share? Maybe let us know what you think is missing in the world of paddling for women?What are some of the challenges you have in your paddling journey?

Kristi: Paddling is social, fun and it helps build confidences. Weather can always be an issue. Where I live summer is short you have to paddle whenever you can!

GP: Thank you Kristi. We have loved hearing your story! If you have any questions or comments for Kristi, leave a comment below!

You can also find Kristi on Instagram @kristi.hallock and in our Facebook Group: Girl Paddlers

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