Girl Paddler Profile: Marilyn Elaine (US)

Welcome to our series of profiles on our Girl Paddlers community!
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Meet Girl Paddler – Marilyn Raudabaugh from the US! 

GP: Hi Marilyn! Please tell us about yourself.

Marilyn: Hey~ This is Marilyn from Pennsylvania. My first experience with paddling would, I guess be, canoeing at camp as a kid. Also, we went out on paddle boats every chance we got. Later in life, we canoed locally on creeks & in Capon Bridge WV on the river. Also, at the same camp I went to as a kid at Mother & Son retreats. Now, I own my own kayak. My son has one as well. We love to kayak on the lake locally & the bay when we go to the beach.

GP: What inspired you to start paddling, and how long have you been paddling?

Marilyn: We would always see people kayaking on the river when we camped in WV. So, I knew I definitely wanted one. I’ve owned my kayak for 3 years.

GP: Can you share some of your favorite paddling spots or routes, and why you enjoy them?

Marilyn: We love the lakes at our local state parks in the mountains. We even had a kayaking lesson from the Park Ranger at one of them & the bay.

GP: How do you typically plan your paddling trips, and what essentials do you always bring with you?

Marilyn: I just pick a day that is forecast to be decent weather. I always take a large dry bag to put a sweatshirt, my shoes etc in. One small dry bag to keep keys, cell phone & sunblock in. I usually wear a hat and sunglasses. Life vest & an old towel. When I go to the lake. I only take my phone at the beach. We usually walk there & use their kayaks.

GP: What benefits have you experienced from paddling, both physically and mentally?

Marilyn: You can just basically float around on a calm lake. It’s a little more fast paced on the bay because it’s windier & the water is choppier. Plus, there are all different size boats going in & out of the harbor. You have to concentrate & pay closer attention to what’s going on around you. Plus, there’s quite a few jelly fish in water. So, we don’t want to fall in.

GP: How has paddling influenced your relationship with nature, and what do you appreciate most about being out on the water?

Marilyn: It’s helped me appreciate nature so much more. I love the feeling of floating in my kayak.

GP: What advice would you give to someone who is new to paddling and looking to get started?

Marilyn: Don’t think you know everything. Get educated as much as possible. Don’t fall in the water when it’s cold.

GP: Can you describe a particularly memorable or meaningful experience you’ve had while paddling?

Marilyn: I’ve seen blue heron before. I love when the water is really clear. There’s a lot.

GP: How has your approach to paddling changed over time, and what have you learned from your experiences?

Marilyn: I think it’s about the same

GP: Can you share any upcoming paddling adventures or goals you have in mind, and what you are most looking forward to about them?

Marilyn: About the same as we have been. I’d love to do a sunset paddle & a starry night paddle.

GP: Thank you Marilyn. We have loved hearing your story! If you have any questions or comments for Marilyn, leave a comment below!

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