How To Improve Your Paddling in 2024

Has 2023 passed us by already? What a flash! Now it’s time to prepare for a fresh start and new paddling adventures. At Girl Paddlers, we’re ready to help you every step of the way. Here are our team’s suggestions on how to improve your paddling in 2024.

Take A Lesson

Due to the leisurely nature of the sport, many paddlers never attend a lesson or take a course. No matter your experience level, you should never stop learning. The Girl Paddlers community is full of instructors and professionals to guide you. Whether it’s to ensure a safe journey or to level up your skills, investing in education is highly recommended. The more you know, the better the experience.

Challenge Yourself

Improving your paddling skills will come by creating opportunities to test yourself. Challenge yourself to do things you haven’t done before. Paddle just a little further. Go on a solo paddle. Try out different vessels. Work on not being afraid to fall in the water. Experience can only be developed through action. You got this, girl.

Build A Dream List

Want to know the ultimate secret on how to improve your paddling? Spend more time on the water.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a secret, but it’s certainly the truth. Building a dream list can help you with that! Where would you like to go? Try filling in a variety of areas. Paddling in different types of water, under varying weather conditions will easily level up your skill set.

Find A Paddle Partner

The Girl Paddlers community began from a passion to connect fellow female paddlers. Paddling with like-minded, positive partners will help build your confidence! Having a crew can also prepare you for a good experience when you step it up and will give you the support you need to feel comfortable trying something harder.

If you’ve started paddling on your own and don’t have friends to paddle with, we welcome you with open arms. Please join us in our free global community group to find others like yourself. Girl Paddlers has several regional Facebook groups and more are continuing to blossom.

Paddle With Someone Better Than You

Learn by osmosis. Watching a more skilled paddler can help you learn what you need to do. When you paddle with someone better than you, you can then push your skills and be comfortable that someone is around to help you out if you get into trouble or have questions.

Upgrade Your Gear

Easily improve your paddling experience by gradually upgrading your gear. A lighter paddle, paddle grips, a higher quality safety jacket – small adjustments can make a HUGE difference in your overall paddle journey. Our best gear suggestions from the community can be found in The Ultimate Guide to Solo Paddling: Embracing Adventure and Safety.

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We hope you accomplish all of your paddling goals in the new year, and look forward to seeing your views along the way. Happy paddling!


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